Texas Roadhouse Prime Rib Recipe (2024)

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Prime rib: the ultimate meal for the meat lover. When it comes to beef, the Texas Roadhouse prime rib is king. It’s the most tender and succulent beef roasted to perfection and oozing with mouth-watering flavors.

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Tips & Tricks

Prime rib is not the cheapest meat, so it’s understandable why you’d want to avoid any cooking mistakes. Don’t worry, I’m here to guide you through your rib-roasting journey. Here’s some basic tips and tricks:

  • Don’t bake the rib straight after removing it from the fridge. Take it out of the refrigerator 2 hours before you cook it. The meat is large and dense, so if you put it straight into the oven, you’ll have to cook it for much longer.
  • Do not roast the rib at 450 degrees all throughout. Be sure to reduce the heat to 250 degrees after 30 minutes so you’ll get a rib eye that has a nice brown and crisp crust and is rosy and juicy on the inside.
  • Not sure how much roast beef to serve your guests? A good estimate is one rib for every two people or about 12 oz. per head.
  • To clarify, a prime rib cut does not equate to USDA Prime. What you’ll typically see in supermarkets is the USDA Choice quality rib. The USDA Prime rib has a lot more fat marbling and costs 50% higher. If that’s what you prefer, you’ll need to place a special order from your butcher.

Interesting Facts About Texas Roadhouse

  • While it’s easy to assume that Texas Roadhouse originated from Texas, its first restaurant actually opened in Clarkesville, Indiana. Today, the chain has at least one store in 49 out of 50 states. Understandably, Texas has the most stores: 56.
  • Perhaps what makes their business so successful is that they make all their dishes from scratch. They use only fresh, not pre-packaged ingredients as well. This is what their loyal customers always come back for.

Apart from their famous rib eye, Texas Roadhouse also makes the best Margaritas. They offer 15 variations of Margarita, and they all taste phenomenal.

How to Make Texas Roadhouse Prime Rib

Since 1993, Texas Roadhouse has been serving its customers only the highest quality and best-tasting prime rib there is. As such, many people have tried replicating their special recipe. If you’re one of those people, look no further!

As they say, great things in life take time. Prime rib is actually not that difficult to make, you’ll just need to wait a few days to get the best-tasting, fall-off-the-bone, drool-worthy and succulent prime rib a la Texas Roadhouse. I promise you it’ll be worth it.

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Texas Roadhouse Prime Rib Recipe




Prep time







  • 1 whole uncut ribeye (about 12 oz. per person)

  • Marinade:

  • 2 Tablespoons black pepper

  • 2 Tablespoons sugar

  • 1/2 cup kosher salt

  • 1/4 cup garlic (chopped)

  • 1/4 cup liquid smoke

  • 1/4 cup soy sauce


  • The first step is to make the marinade. You will need to prepare this two days in advance. To make, mix all ingredients for marinade. Mix well until combined and refrigerate overnight. This allows enough time to integrate all those wonderful flavors together.
  • The second step is to marinade the ribeye. Place the prime rib on a rack in a large pan. Pour half the marinade over the top side and rub it all over. Next, flip the meat over, pour the rest of the marinade, and rub all over. Cover the pan and refrigerate overnight.
  • Preheat your oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake the meat for 30 minutes just until the outside of the meat is brown and seared. Then, lower the heat to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Continue baking for another two hours or until your meat thermometer says 120 degrees.
  • That’s the temperature for medium-rare. If you want to increase the level of doneness, wait until the reading is 10 degrees higher for each state (i.e. 130 for medium, 140 for medium-well, etc.).
  • Give your meat at least an hour to rest before slicing. This will give the juices time to settle in the meat, resulting in an even juicier and tastier prime rib.
  • Slice and enjoy. Congratulations, you did it! It’s time to reap your rewards. Carve that tender meat, have a taste, and serve with Au jus.
Texas Roadhouse Prime Rib Recipe (4)

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Texas Roadhouse Prime Rib Recipe (2024)


How do restaurants make prime rib so tender? ›

How do restaurants make prime rib so tender? The secret to restaurant-style prime rib is cooking the meat super slow at low temperatures. I recommend cooking prime rib at no higher than 200 degrees F. This cooks the meat very slowly, turning the fat into butter and rendering the proteins juicy and soft.

What is the trick to cooking prime rib? ›

It's no secret that roasts need to cook slow and slow, but for that killer crust on a prime rib the secret is to hit it with a lot of heat first. Like our other prime rib recipes, this rosemary-rubbed prime rib cooks at 450F for 20 minutes before cooking for another 60 to 90 minutes at 350F.

How many people will a 6 lb boneless prime rib feed? ›

ServingsBone-In RoastBoneless Roast
4–5 adults5 lb. (2-3 bones)4 lb.
5–6 adults6 lb. (3 bones)5 lb.
6–7 adults7 lb. (3-4 bones)6 lb.
8–10 adults10 lb. (5 bones)8 lb.
2 more rows

Should you marinate prime rib the night before? ›

Mix the salt, pepper, garlic, herbs and olive oil in a bowl until well-combined. Use your hands to rub the roast all over with the marinade mixture, coating the surface evenly. Use plastic wrap to cover the roast, and let it marinate overnight (at least 8 hours) in the refrigerator.

What cut of meat do restaurants use for prime rib? ›

When you're shopping for prime rib, ask for a standing rib roast. That's the name you'll see at the butcher counter. The standing rib roast unsurprisingly comes from the rib section of the cow.

What is the best way to tenderize a prime rib? ›

Many recipes for prime rib call for cooking the meat at a high temperature first and then lowering the heat. Here, we roast the prime rib low and slow in the oven for the most tender results. Allow 2 to 2-1/2 hours for rare or 2-1/4 to 3-1/4 hours for medium.

Is prime rib better cooked slow or fast? ›

You'll cook the prime rib low and slow in the oven, then crank up the heat at the end to achieve a crisp outside. This method has several advantages: the prime rib loses less juice to the bottom of the roasting pan and it cooks evenly all the way through.

Why is my prime rib always tough? ›

Prime rib is at its best cooked rare or medium rare — it should not be cooked past medium (140°F) or all the fat will melt out of the meat, leaving it tough, dry, and chewy. After the prime rib is cooked, make sure to let it rest for 30 minutes for the meat to reabsorb all the delicious juices before carving.

Do you cook prime rib covered or uncovered? ›

Do you cover prime rib roast when cooking? You can cover rib roast when cooking after searing it to help it retain some of its moisture, but it's not necessary. For the best results, leave the roast uncovered until you remove it from the oven or grill and place it at room temperature for resting.

Is it better to cook prime rib at 325 or 350? ›

Prime Rib Roast, at room temperature (very important)

Sear the rib roast for 15 minutes at the higher oven temperature (450°F), and then turn the oven to the lower temperature (325° F) for the rest of the cooking time.

Should I sear prime rib before roasting? ›

Searing is an important part of roasting a prime rib. Searing the roast first will kill the surface bacteria, which is a nice touch, especially when you are roasting at lower temperatures.

Which is better bone-in or boneless prime rib? ›

We prefer bone-in prime rib because the bone insulates the meat as it cooks and produces more flavorful and tender results, but we suggest buying the type that is called for in the recipe you are using. The primary benefit of getting boneless is ease of carving.

How long to cook a 6 pound prime rib at 325? ›

Cook Time and Temperature:

Start by cooking your prime rib at 500°F for 15 minutes and then lower the oven temperature to 325° F and cook for 10-12 min per pound for rare, or 13-14 min per pound for medium rare, or 14-15 min per pound for medium well. A meat thermometer is essential to ensure you cook it perfectly!

Can you freeze prime rib? ›

However, if you're not planning to cook your meal soon after its arrival, store the prime rib or steaks and side dishes in your freezer.

Is prime rib cooked on the grill at Texas Roadhouse quizlet? ›

Prime rib is slow roasted and cut to order while ribeye is seared, seasoned, and grilled to perfection.

Does Texas Roadhouse serve prime rib everyday? ›

Usually yes, but may sell out depending on how much is available that day, and how busy and popular prime rib is that day.

What is the difference between prime rib and ribeye Texas Roadhouse? ›

What is the difference between Prime Rib and Ribeye? Prime Rib is slow roasted and cut to order while Ribeye is seared, seasoned, and grilled to perfection.


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