High Volume Low Calorie Recipes (2024)

by Liz Thomson August 22, 2011This post may contain affiliate links.

If you’re looking for recipes that will fill you up, these high volume low calorie recipes are the answer! They’re a great way to fill up on nutrient-dense food without a lot of calories. If you ever feel like a bottomless pit and you want a huge portion, these recipes are perfect!

High Volume Low Calorie Recipes (1)

Do you ever find yourself craving a lot of food? I’m a bit of a “volume eater”, meaning sometimes, I don’t feel satisfied with small portions. I’d rather have a giant salad than a few bites of a rich pasta dish. So if you’re like me and you occasionally find yourself craving a big bowl of pasta or a monster-sized salad, I’ve got some recipes to help you out! These recipes are high in volume, meaning the portion sizes are big, but they’re low in calories. That means you can eat a big serving without being overly full or stuffed at the end of your meal.

Here are some of my favorite high volume, low calorie recipes:

Spaghetti Squash Al Pomodoro

Spaghetti Squash al Pomodoro is a great way to enjoy pasta night while filling up on vegetables! Because spaghetti squash is low in calories, you can enjoy a large portion of this tasty dish!

Low Calorie Zucchini Noodles

More of a spaghetti person? Try these low calorie zucchini noodles! I like to top mine with roasted tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. It’s filled with lots of flavor but the zucchini noodles make this dish very low in calories.

High Volume Low Calorie Recipes (3)

Butternut Squash Fries

Craving fast food? Slice up some butternut squash and make Butternut squash fries!They taste like sweet potato fries, but you can eat a giant plate of them for a fraction of the calories! I love how easy these are. If you have an air fryer, try baking them in there for extra crispy, low-calorie fries!

High Volume Low Calorie Recipes (4)

High Protein Banana Muffins

Need a quick and easy breakfast option? These banana bread muffins are just 60 calories each. Yes, 60. These are great if you’re craving carbs but you want to fill up on protein. Made with egg whites and protein powder, these might not be your traditional bakery muffin, but they’re great for a low calorie option!

High Volume Low Calorie Recipes (5)

Roasted Cauliflower Tacos

Dreaming of tacos? These roasted cauliflower tacos are vegan, gluten-free, and low in calories! Each taco is only about 150 calories, and you could make them even more low-calorie if you skip the avocado and use salsa instead. Taco night just got a lot healthier!

High Volume Low Calorie Recipes (6)

One Pan Ratatoullie

This easy one pan ratatouille is loaded with vegetables so you can have a huge serving for less than 300 calories. This is one of my favorite ways to use up any leftover veggies in my fridge and it’s a really satisfying meal. If you love huge portion sizes and you’re craving Italian flavors, this high volume low calorie recipe is the answer!

High Volume Low Calorie Recipes (7)

Parmesan Tomato Soup

Soup is one of my favorite high volume, low calorie foods. A big bowl of this Parmesan tomato soup is just 140 calories, which means you can totally add a grilled cheese sandwich. This is such a creamy, satisfying meal. The Parmesan adds lots of flavor but you only need a little bit, so this soup is still a low calorie option.

High Volume Low Calorie Recipes (8)

Cucumber and Tomato Salad

This crunchy cucumber and tomato salad is a great way to fill up on vegetables! With just a drizzle of olive oil, this is a side dish that will have you coming back for seconds and thirds! To make it really low calorie, skip the olive oil and just use red wine vinegar. It has lots of flavor and when tomatoes and cucumbers are in season, this is an irresistible side dish. This is a great recipe when you’re craving a big bowl of food!

High Volume Low Calorie Recipes (9)

Mango Frozen Yogurt

Craving something sweet? Can’t find Halo Top in your area? Whip up some mango frozen yogurtfor a sweet, low calorie treat! It’s just two ingredients! Plus, it’s high in protein thanks to Greek yogurt. If you don’t want to make your own frozen yogurt, there are also some great storebought options. Have you tried Halo Top, yet?

High Volume Low Calorie Recipes (10)

Looking for more ideas? Try these high volume, low calorie snacks! I’ve picked out some of the best homemade and storebought snacks that will let you eat the whole bag! If you’re craving a major snack, check out the list!

What are your favorite low-calorie/large portion recipes?

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High Volume Low Calorie Recipes (2024)


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