Everlasting Recipe (Marikina Food) (2024)

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Everlasting Recipe (Marikina Food) (1)

This Everlasting ng Marikina (Traditional Recipe) is how the old locals of Marikina will cook an authentic Everlasting recipe just like “Mama Tings” Everlasting.

When I searched google, there are like a gazillion of version. To be honest, they got the ingredients correctly but their process is far from what Lola Ave does. Nothing beats the traditional.

So take down your notes, this Everlasting recipe is elaborately explained in Filipino and english language for better understanding. Special thanks to Lola Ave of Marikina for the recipe. Super delicious!!! Happy cooking!

Recipe updated: Sept. 27, 2018



  • 1 kilo ground pork (kasim or pigue)
  • 2-3 pcs white onions, finely chopped/diced
  • ½ cup pickle relish (juice may be added)
  • 1 chorizo de bilbao, diced or chopped finely
  • ½ kilo sausage, chopped/diced
  • 1-2 pcs. red bell peppers, diced/chopped
  • 2-3 tbsp light soy sauce
  • dash of pepper, if desired
  • 1-2 tbsp iodized rock salt
  • 2-3 tbsp cooking oil or margarine/may add fat used for preserving chorizo
  • 1 clove crushed garlic (big)
  • 1 big bottle of tomato catsup or 2 small pouch
  • 1 small pouch tomato paste
  • 1 box cheese,grated (small)/may add more
  • 1 dozen large size egg (itlog ng itik preferred), as binder
  • For Decoration: sliced carrots (shaped),red and green bell pepper, boiled eggs (whole, halves) etc.


  1. Place the Ground Pork (kasim o pigue) in a large bowl. Set aside.
  2. Prepare to chop other ingredients: Finely diced/chopped big white onions, pickles, chorizo de bilbao, sausage or franks, and red bell peppers.
  3. Mix everything with ground pork and season to taste with salt and dash of white pepper, and light soy sauce.
  4. Mix together until well blended, add the pickle juice for the distinct sweet sour taste.
  5. Cook the mixture: In a wok (kawali), add oil (from where the chorizo was preserved) and add a bit of butter or margarine. Sauté finely crushed garlic and add the meat mixture and continue to toss.
  6. Cover and let simmer until meat is lightly browned and the water is absorbed.
  7. Add in tomato paste and tomato ketchup. Let it simmer over low heat and constantly stir. Do not let it boil, the oil should remain as the base of the mixture. (nagmamantika). Continue to stir and avoid the mixture from sticking on the bottom of the wok.
  8. Add finely grated cheese and mix well until the cheese is completely melted and immersed in the meat mixture.
  9. Ito ang pinaka delikadong stage ng pagluluto. Dapat ay isangkutsadong mabuti ang mixture at dapat ay nag-mamantika. Bawasan ang mantika na nasa ibabaw at dapat ay walang tubig na nakahalo. Ang meat at sarsa ay dapat nasa coagulated stage.
  10. Isalin ito sa palangganang sosa at hayaang lumamig. Huwag ibababa ng direkta sa mesa. Lagyan ng kalang,hayaan pa ring mahiwalay ang mantika ngunit di ang sarsa.
  11. Pag malamig na haluan ng binating itlog ng itik (pwede naman ang ordinaryong itlog ng manok, jumbo size sana or equivalent) hanggang sa ito ay lubos na nakahalo sa meat mixture. Maari din itong ilagay ng paisa-isa ang pagbasag ng itlog diretso sa mixture at haluin kada dagdag. Check on the consistency of your mixture.
  12. Decoration: Ihanda ang mga pandekorasyon sa llanera…hiniwang carrots na korteng bulaklak,puso,circle square, atbp, slices ng sausages o frankfurters, hiniwang nilagang itlog, or nilagang itlog ng pugo,kinortihang siling pula at berde variations.
  13. Maari din lagyan ng sliced pitted olives, stuffed olives, black olives, sliced cheddar cheese, etc.
  14. Ihanda ang mga molde/llanera: Sapnan ang ilalim ng llanera ng dahon ng saging, (foil or plastic cling wrap,wax paper)
  15. Pahiran ng mantekilya ang ilalim at tabi. Lagyan ng mga inihandang pandekorasyon ang bawa’t llanera. Buhusan ng meat mixture hanggang sa 2/3 o 3/4 full. Takpan ng plastic cling wrap ang bawa’t isa at siguraduhing naka-secure ang takip sa pamamagitan ng rubber band o tali.
  16. Steaming Process: Samantala, maginit ng tubig sa pinaka-ilalim ng steamer (about 2/3 full).Isa-isang i-helera ang mga llanera sa pangalawa at pangatlong level ng steamer.
  17. Takpan at hayaang mag-simmer, huwag pakukuluin ang tubig sa ilalim. I-control ang init mula sa kalan. Huwag mainip, this takes an hour or more para lutuin.
  18. Check the doneness by inserting toothpick in the center. Let it cool completely. Serve by removing the cover, slit knife unto the sides and invert on serving dish..

NOTES: Alternative cooking is steam-baking or water bath method in an oven. Ito ay pwedeng ipreserve sa refrigerator ng matagal bago ihain. Enjoy your Everlasting ala Marikina, the traditional way. Enjoy!!!

Some Steps were explained in Filipino language. Here is the english version:

9. This is the delicate stage of the cooking process. It should be properly sauteéd and it should be a bit oily. if there is too much oil on top, just remove the excess oil. There should be no excess liquid on the mixture.

10. The sauce should be in the coagulated stage. Transfer the meat mixture in “palangganang sosa” (traditional bowl) and let it cool. Do not place the bowl directly on the table and add a heat lining underneath. Let the oil separate from the mixture but not the sauce.

11. Let it cool, and then add in the scrambled duck eggs (you may use jumbo size chicken eggs if duck eggs is not available). Mix it well with the meat until well combined. Alternatively, you may add the egg one at a time directly to the mixture and mix it well in every addition. Check on the consistency of your mixture.

12. Decoration: Prepare the sliced ingredients for decorating the bottom of llanera. Slices of flowered carrots, (heart, circle, square), slices of sausages or frankfurters, slices of hard boiled eggs or quail eggs, shaped red and green bell pepper variations.

13. You can also add sliced pitted olives, stuffed olives, black olives, sliced cheddar cheese, etc.

14. Prepare the mould/llanera: Line the llanera with wilted banana leaves (foil or plastic cling wrap,wax paper). Brush llaneras with margarine at the bottom and on all sides.

15. Start arranging the decorations at the bottom of each llanera. Transfer the mixture carefully on each llanera atleast ⅔ or ¾ full. Cover each mould with foil or cling wrap and secure with rubber bands or strings.

16. Steaming Process:
Meanwhile, prepare the steamer and pour in water at least ⅔ full. One by one arrange each llanera in 2nd and 3rd level of steamer.

17. Cover pot and let it simmer over low heat. Do not let the water to boil.

18. Make sure to control the heat of the stove. Be patient, it will take an hour or more to cook. Check the doneness by inserting toothpick in the center. Let it cool completely. Serve by removing the cover, slit knife unto the sides and invert on serving dish..Serving Suggestions:

This recipe is a make ahead. Store it in fridge for a longer time before serving to make it more delicious.

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Everlasting Recipe (Marikina Food) (2024)


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