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Early Childhood Provider Training

Education and training is a key component to becoming an early childhood education provider. Community Coordinated Care for Children, Inc. (4C) is the Training Coordinating Agency (TCA) for Circuits 9 & 18 for the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). We provide state-mandated training and competency exams to child care providers in Brevard, Orange, Osceola,and Seminole counties to promote the further education of teachers and other educational professionals.


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Virtual classes will be guided by the instructor online and will allow for student participation. For further details, please contact the 4C Education Department at 407-532-4158.

Pre-Service Training Requirements

To login to the DCF Child Care Training System, click here

4C’s Education Department is located at
3500 W. Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32808

Training Classes (English or Spanish)

Click on Florida DCF Training & Credentialing to review the required training classes and hours needed to work in a Family Home Child Care or Child Care Center/Facility. 4C state-mandated training fact sheets:

Florida Department of Children and Families fact sheets

Prices for the instructor-led classes which includes the book conducted by 4C:

  • Five-hour classes $35
  • Six-hour classes $35
  • Eight-hour classes $55
  • Ten-hour classes $55

Types of Training

  • On-Site Training: Interested in having training at your center? Adult chairs, tables, a TV/VCR, and 15-20 people are required. For more details please call (407) 532-4264 or (407) 532-4373. We will do our best to accommodate requests.
  • Entrenamiento en Español: Llame al (407) 532-4373. Por favor, incluya su nombre, numero de telefono y el nombre de la clase en la que interesada. Su nombre sera agregado a la lista.

Course Registration

To register for courses on Florida’sChild Care Training System, click here. If you are not registered on the system, select “Click here to register as a new user” at the top of that page. For more help on that page, click on the “CCTA Training Portal Help Video” button in the middle of the page.

  • Make-Ups: There are NO make-up classes for instructor-led classes. Any missed class must be paid in full again. Online classes must be completed within 45 days. If not completed within 45 days, the class must be paid for again.
  • *Non-English Speaking Clients: We make every effort to accommodate non-English speaking customers. You are advised to bring a translator if you need translation. To register for courses on Florida’s Child Care Training System, click here.
  • *Clientes Que No Hablan Ingles: Nosotroshacemos todos los esfuerzos para complazer a clientes que no hablan Ingles, pero no siempre tenemos peronal bilingue disponible. Le aconsejamos traer su traductor.

Special AccommodationsIf you need special accommodations in order to participate in the child care training process, contact the Education Department at least two weeks prior to the first training date at (407) 532-4264 between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.Calls will be received Monday through Friday.

Earning Credits

CertificatesTo print DCF Certificates, click here. Click on “View Transcript,” then under Personal Menu click “My Student Information and Transcript” and choose “Print My Certificate Tab.” You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. You may download it for free by going to If you do not have access to print your certificate, 4C will print it for a $7 fee per certificate.

TranscriptsFor printed transcripts, click here. Click on “View Transcript.”

Payment Options

Payment may be made by going on to the DCF website, click here. Click on “Training & Credentialing” then click “View Transcript,” then under “Personal Menu” click“Pay for Courses/Exams.”

PayPal: Payment with credit, debit, or a checking account can be done by visiting and send the money to

Transfer: A fee of $5 will be charged toTRANSFER from either instructor or online classes. The fee must be paid inthe form of a money orderor by money to *Fees may vary according to the training provider offering the state mandated classes. Fees are posted when registering for the instructor-led classes for the individual training provider on the web site*

Money Order: You may bring a money order ONLY to our office at 4C to pay for classes. Money orders must be made payable to Community Coordinated Care for Children, Inc. You are NOT enrolled and may NOT attend class or begin online training if your fee is NOT paid prior to start of the first class. There are NO REFUNDS for exams/classes or online trainings. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!!!

Mail: You may mail in your payment feeforExams and/or Classes to:

Community Coordinated Care for Children, Inc. (4C)
Attn: Education Department
3500 W. Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32808

Payment Required at Registration:

  • Payment for exams is now required to complete exam enrollment. To secure a desired exam session and complete registration, payment must be made during the last step of the online exam enrollment process.
  • Within the student’s account, students can now unenroll from scheduled exams at least seven days prior to the exam date and receive a credit to use toward the same competency exam within the same county at a future date.

Courtesy Reminder Emails and Texts:

  • As a courtesy to students, an email confirmation including the exam confirmation letter will be sent to the enrolled student upon registration. Email reminders will also be sent.
  • If desired, students can opt-in to receive text reminders in addition to the automatic email reminders.
  • Email and text reminders will be sent upon enrollment, eight days prior to the exam session, and 24 hours prior to the exam session.

For more information on child care training, exams, and credentials visit If you have any questions, contact the Child Care Training Information Center at 1-888-352-2842.


Education & Training (2024)


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